Sabbatical Adventures begin . . .

Sabbatical Adventures begin . . .

Monday, August 25, 2014

CosPlay? Con?

I had a restful day today, visiting with my granddaughter, Kayleigh. She is home from a year in Taiwan and will start her senior year next week!  She is crazy about cosplay. Cosplay or costume play has become popular with worldwide clubs and conventions for dressing up like your favorite anime character.  And not always anime characters--sometimes manga, comic, or film characters.  Kayleigh is attending a Con (convention) this weekend as the anime character Clear. She modeled her costume for us and spend the afternoon working on her makeup techniques!  I had never heard of Cosplay before about a year ago, when she got interested in it.  I know that I won't describe it correctly, but it seems it is for people who are interested in anime (animated cartoons--mostly of the Japanese sort). Anime characters usually have oversized heads and large eyes.  Even her wallet depicts anime characters! And Kayleigh loves to draw them too!

Wallet including pink yoyo pin that I made for her today

Her favorite character is a boy that is dressed like this picture and carries a clear umbrella and a gas mask!? (Don't ask me, I just don't know the story!) But none-the-less, isn't she cute in her wig and costume!!?

Klee as Clear

Clear character's flower crown
Klee, short spelling of her name that she likes,  usually wears purple contacts, especially purchased, to further accent the character's eyes.  Also, note that her eyebrows are whited to give more definition to the eyes.

Kayleigh earns the money to pay for her costumes and expenses for her interest!  We are sooooo proud of her!
G'Pa and Klee
Sure is fun having Kayleigh (Klee) home 
from her exchange in Taiwan!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Photo Summary of July

Well it's August and I have not been here blogging in a while. The roller coaster ride (see previous post) is winding down and I finally feel like blogging again.  Won't go into the details, suffice it to say, the nausea is subsiding, although another ride is on the horizon. Life never stops!

So, ignoring the low points, today I just present a few photographs of the HIGH-lights of life in the last month.  First, the Fourth of July party at my daughter's house--bounce house and all:

Including the jello desserts that I made!

Then there was the berry picking trip:

Eating more than picking! :)

Then last weekend was a birthday pool party for one of my grands!  Eleven of my grands were there! Fun!

Homemade berry/nectarine Birthday Pie!

Birthday girl and mama

Well, that's my summer activities so far, 
what have you been up to?