Sabbatical Adventures begin . . .

Sabbatical Adventures begin . . .

Monday, June 30, 2014


Last day of June and it is always my birthday! >>>smile :)  My favorite Etsy team, the Blogging Business Artisans, does monthly challenges and wouldn't ya know, this month we are supposed to write about a favorite birthday or birthday celebration.

Well, when I was growing up, my family was not much into birthday celebrations, since my parents grew up 'dirt poor' (excuse the pun) in the dust bowl years with mostly nothing.  It just wasn't one of their family traditions. So our family just had a birthday cake, which mom made, and a present--usually just one-- at the dinner table.  When my kids were little, there were so many of them--six--that having birthday parties just wasn't feasible due to the sheer number of parties required.  I would have been doing a party every other month and our friends would have gotten tired of that really quick! Then when my husband died and I remarried my sweet hubby with four kids (three of them living with us!), parties were definitely out of the question!  I do remember several of the teens throwing their own parties for special birthdays like sweet sixteen etc.--with all of the work done by them, except I bought the cakes.  So much for the history part of this story!

Today, hubby brought me breakfast in bed--my favorite egg muffin and coffee; then when I got up, I found this on my work table:

I literally love cinnamon rolls!  There are lots of them so I can munch on them the rest of the day!  And my hubby is just so sweet to always buy flowers for special occasions!  Love these long stemmed red roses!!!  Thanks honey!

Oh . . . and he is planning dinner out this evening!  He's a keeper!

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  1. Happy Birthday dear teamies!Best wishes and many more!
    How lovely to see that sweet surprise - ahhh...roses and sweets!
    xx, Lana

  2. definitely a keeper! How very sweet!
    When I was growing up I think I had 2 birthday parties. When my kids were growing up, children had birthday parties every year.
    Happy Birthday!