Sabbatical Adventures begin . . .

Sabbatical Adventures begin . . .

Monday, April 6, 2015

The Writing Process and my UFO Box

Since I finished the first draft of my novel, what am I up to now?  Many of my readers are interested in my writing process.

While my first draft is out to test readers,  I've moved on to begin research for my second novel. There was a lengthy time, actually two weeks that felt lengthy, between finishing and moving on.  I experienced a 'letdown' period that I want to tell you about.

The process of writing is exciting, pulling every bit of my creativity from my being.  When I reach the end of a project, I experience a lull;  I suppose it's a drop in the creative adrenaline flow.  I didn't know what to do with myself, although I did have another idea for a new novel in my mind--but not ready to begin.  I didn't feel like doing anything creative, i.e. sewing, embroidery, watercolor, even photography.  So I spent quite a bit of time reading.  I actually read two novels and a novella before I was ready to begin my own creative process again, although still not ready to write.

I was tired of reading, so I pulled out my UFO box--unfinished objects (mostly because they feel like UFO's!)--or unfinished projects, as sewers call them.  I spent some time finishing a vest and an apron from the box.  Actually the velvet quilted vest material had been in the box for well over ten years.

I also looked at a couple of unfinished quilts, but decided not to start again on them, too much time involved to finish them!  All the while -- I was thinking on the next book premise.  

Now, first part of the writing process has begun -- researching the family tree, heritage and ancestors of a family name that will be the basis from which my next book springs.  I'm already getting excited again, the adrenaline is starting to flow . . . and . . . I whittled down the contents of my UFO box! 

 So energized!

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  1. I feel this way whenever I finish a big sewing project! Usually doing something totally different gets me "in the flow" again. Congrats again on finishing your book!