Sabbatical Adventures begin . . .

Sabbatical Adventures begin . . .

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Writing Schedule

Although I am between projects---well, actually finishing up the details of one book and starting research for another---you might think that I do not write in this in-between time.  Not so!  I look upon my writing as my job.  I write everyday, whether it is a blog post, a section of a family legacy book that I am working on, or on my current book project.

I have always heard that writers should write everyday.  Recently I read in a magazine about a daily writing schedule, so thought I would write down my own schedule.

  9:00 am   Wake up, breakfast, read emails and news
10:00 am   Write
   Noon      Fix and eat lunch
  1:00 pm   Chores and errands if any or Write/read blogs/do research/go for a walk
  4:00 pm   Begin dinner prep
  5:00 pm   Dinner
  6:00 pm   TV news and relaxation
  7:00 pm   Write/read books/ TV or movies
10:00 pm    Bed time prep and read in bed
11:30 pm    lights out!

Note:  Notice how many times "write" or "read" is listed in my schedule!

Whether I rise at a different time, or go to sleep much later than 11:30  (because I am reading a great book!) my basic schedule stays the same.  It is my job to write and it must command much of my day!


  1. Congrats Linda!!! I'm so agree with you that you should write every day, even bad day writing better then not :) I do make art everyday ( sometimes it can be just a sketch) and now after 40 years of practicing it gives me no problem... so practicing makes perfect! Have a lovely weekend!!!

  2. Wow - I can't imagine sleeping until 9! If you move to Hawaii you'll have to shift your scheduled a few hours. =p

    I think not looking at writing, art, etc as a 'job' is why so many people don't finish projects or feel like they aren't making headway. You really do have to think of it as a job! I like all the reading in your schedule - I haven't read nearly as much this year as I'd like (though I did finish a good book Thursday).

  3. I always read a book in bed before I go to sleep. I also listen to books in my car and sometimes in my house when I'm doing something like cooking or tie dyeing.