Sabbatical Adventures begin . . .

Sabbatical Adventures begin . . .

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Little Stones

From time to time, in my blogging, you will find the title "Small Stones."  These are short written passages -- "a polished moment of paying proper attention" -- not really poetry, but succinct thoughts that convey a single thought. It was originally the brain child of Fiona of River of Small Stones, to give credit where credit is due. Although I am not an advocate for her cause, nor do the views expressed by her blog coincide with my views, but I participate, because I love the exercise of choosing something each day, connecting to the world around me, and taking the opportunity to write about it.  I may not publish it, but it is a great discipline for writers and good practice.   

(BTW---I originally started writing these in my other blog, and after a while started putting a picture with them, as I love photography too! If you visit there, click on the Small Stones tab at the top of the home page for previously published 'stones'.) 

Now, you can follow my little babbling brook of words over the little stones entries here in this blog from now on. I am re-naming them 'Little Stones'.  They will be interspersed with my other posts, and after I have a few, you could always type "Little Stones" in the search box to find them.  The first one in this blog:

Traveling seaward
over the waves,
I see blue 
transformed to white.

Mind wandering,
as peace floods,
My heart transported
I am calm - lp