Sabbatical Adventures begin . . .

Sabbatical Adventures begin . . .

Thursday, March 6, 2014

One New Adventure

Sabbatical adventures, when do they start?

Immediately, when all the pressure was off -- "to preform"-- I picked up my camera.  I found myself walking out the door to the post office and grabbing my camera!  Odd.  It hung from the dining room chair finial for the longest time.  Oh, I used it, for taking pictures of my finished products to list in my online shop.  But, taking pictures just for the fun of it?  Not often enough!

Today it was rainy, again, but I took the camera while we drove to the post office.  I took some pictures as we drove,

while I was sitting in the car waiting for hubs to come out with the mail,

and later when I went on an errand.  Before I got to my destination, I got a coke at the local drive-thru, sat in the parking lot and snapped a few out the car window!  Then when I got home, I went outside my bedroom window and snapped a few more.

Sabbatical is like these next pictures -- going from a gray late winter day,

looking more closely  . . . .

zooming in . . . .

to an awesome moment!

Taking pictures--always something that I wanted to be better at and being a better photographer.  It takes time to see what is really there.

Yes! The adventure begins!


  1. Great photos, Linda! I think the weight of the world would be lifted from my shoulders if I hopped off the crazy treadmill I'm on and took a Sabbatical.
    I seriously thought about giving up social media for Lent --- but I'm still here :-).

  2. Life is so different when you can choose to do things your way! Welcome to blogdom!