Sabbatical Adventures begin . . .

Sabbatical Adventures begin . . .

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Peace Wednesday

Day Two

Something new . . . up early!  I have always liked rising early, but I have been lazy.  Sleeping in doesn't allow me to see the beginning of a day, with all it's wonders.  Although today,  it is rainy and I cannot see the sun, as it is most days in the PNW, there is still a "feel" about the morning hours. That freshness, sometimes a crispness.  A new day is everything about Sabbatical!  Starting out new!  Daring to believe that things could take a different path.  aaahhhhh . . . .

This morning, in the pine top is a lone dove. No other stirrings in the trees.  Not for a while. Then the wanderings in and out of the limbs by a small flock of chickadees.  Next were two doves who flew down to the pavement.  They stayed there for several minutes not moving an inch. Watching them in the peaceful silence forced me to be still and silent, anticipating their next move.  My next move . . . 

Although this is the start of my second day of Sabbatical, it just happens to also be Ash Wednesday.  Now, I don't go for the traditional ashes thing but I do acknowledge that this season can be a transforming one. Many a year past have I set aside this forty day season to see some transformation in my life.  I haven't done that for years!  I didn't intend to do it this year, but  . . . since it does coincide with my Sabbatical purpose, I have decided to participate in my own way.  I'm returning to my source.

I did a little research.  The word Sabbatical comes from Sabbath which is of Hebrew derivation: shabat or shavat: to rest.  In the Bible, God originated and instituted the Sabbath. He was first to observe Sabbath.

God spoke to Moses:  "Tell the people 'Above all, keep my Sabbaths, the sign between me and you . . .that you may know that I am God who causes you to be strengthened and whole.'"  Ex. 31:13 LLP

Simple!  I will return to my source.  And the book about my Source is the Bible.  (Now, don't get hung up on this and say, "Gosh! I'm not interested in the Bible or God!  I'm not going to follow this!"  This is my way of being peaceful, like the dove episode  this morning.  I hope you will not disregard another human's journey just because you might not agree.  We are all human, made the same, and therefore have value to each other.  I hope you will follow my journey and pursue your own peace and the author of that peace.)

A friend challenged me this morning to a 30 day challenge.  I am going to take her up on it!  A season within a season begins for me--Lenten season--new adventures in study!

Further reading:  Jer. 17: 19-27;  Ex 31:17;  


  1. I didn't know that's where Sabbatical came from, but it makes perfect sense. LOL - that's what I get for not looking at "root words". Love the idea of daily Bible study. I have an Inductive Study Bible that I have used for years and it is great! I really enjoy the time I spend diving into Scripture in that study Bible.

  2. I love the concept of Lent coinciding with Sabbatical, and returning to the Source. My church has a Lenten challenge to spend 20 minutes per day in prayer, 1 hour per week in worship and 4 hours per month doing outreach (in my case sewing pillowcases or quilts for charity).