Sabbatical Adventures begin . . .

Sabbatical Adventures begin . . .

Saturday, February 21, 2015


Earlier yesterday I wrote about 400 words on my novel, but I felt, well, sort of stuck, sorta uninspired in the afternoon.  So I decided to take a walk.  No words . . . just pictures!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Sneak Peek

It's time for a sneak peek of my book!    It's a story for women--mother and daughter story with a touch of romance, the savvy husband hero, and a some fun!   Here's a glimpse of the flavor:

If Abby thought Thursday had come quickly, Friday evening was there like she had crossed the International Date Line and lost a day!  She was riding down the road in his red Forester moving quickly along the country road past the lumber mill, over the creek and alongside the golf course at the edge of town.  She didn't know what to think.  She was still wondering what was happening?  Danny was driving and rattling on about his day, his customers, and talking about the RBA’s recent activities.
Finally arriving at the Oregon City Steak House, Abby entered with Danny to find that a reservation had been made in his name.  “Really, Danny, you didn't have to go to all this trouble.  I just have a few questions . . . .”
“No trouble Abs; in fact, the owner’s a friend!   Besides I don’t think we could talk in one of those trendy, noisy places.  And I didn't want to take you to a fast food place, so Artie has reserved a quiet table for us away from the traffic zone.  After you, m’lady,”  waving his hand for her to follow the hostess. 
As Abby proceeded to follow the smartly dressed hostess to the table, she wondered how she got herself into this predicament.  When they arrived at the table, it was a secluded booth with high backed seats, a candle burning at the back of the table, precisely set with beautiful white cloth napkins and a bud vase with a single yellow rose.  She and Danny were handed large menus which Abby almost hid behind as she perused the entries; she had never eaten in this establishment. The prices seemed a little on the higher side, as were the entree types. 
   “Danny, you really didn't need to bring me here.  I don’t know what to say.”
   “Say nothing, Abby.  Let me treat one of my favorite customers.  This quiet booth will provide us time and space to answer all your questions.   And some of my questions might get answered, too.  I’ve wanted to get to know you.  So just enjoy, Miss Abby.  What’ll ya have?”
   She had not known Mr. Clark to be so forward.  He was always friendly, cordial with all his customers, but this!  Abby began to worry about who might recognize them and get the wrong idea.  She just wanted a few questions answered, and now--now she had forgotten what they were! *

  * Excerpt from Abby's Story by Linda Easter Pruitt, 2015. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

More Writing Process

Thought you might enjoy seeing a bit more of my writing process.  I am writing a novel, currently 2/3 finished.  I make notes, on little sheets of paper--a reminder to include or to continue certain thoughts.  As I focus on the actual writing, I refer occasionally to remind myself of the points listed. This helps with a continuity and the flow of the book.   I continually re-write the list as I cross off ideas, think of new points or want to make sure that I connect my points.  (How many of us have watched movies or read books that were choppy, did not solve certain issues or left details hanging?)

I also have a map handy.  I hand scribe a map of the location that is in my head.  It helps keep my details straight.

I bet you thought I just sat at the computer and typed!  :)

Friday, February 6, 2015

Back to work . . .

My main focus lately has been my book, trying to write 1000 words four days a week.  But the last two weeks were taken up with my granddaughter's wedding, as I was asked to alter her wedding gown.  That took up all my time.  (More about that in my other blog. It is more of a hand's on craft blog.)

Anyway, back to the book.  I am less than 20,000 words away from completion. On the down hill end of the initial writing. Yay!  When I finish that, I will not be 'finished!"  Then the re-writes start. Every little detail needs to be checked and re-checked for accuracy and flow.  Today I have taken a break from writing to check my flow and my time line.

I know, it looks like a pine tree!  That's OK with me!  Love pine trees!!!!  Since the book covers a time frame of March thru Thanksgiving, proper order of events is essential. Putting it down this way helps me visually see any discrepancies of events and helps establish the seasonal environments of my scenes.

Just thought you might like to see "How I Do It!" :)
Have a great week!