Sabbatical Adventures begin . . .

Sabbatical Adventures begin . . .

Friday, October 23, 2015

Rewriting and Voting!

Yes, novel re-writes are hard!  What do I scrap?  What do I keep?  How do I re-arrange? How much do I lean on my editor's input?  Do I go a different direction?

In the middle of my rewrite process, I recently read an article by Steven Gillis that was bluntly advocating that the 'art' of writing is in the 'rewriting'.  I'd not thought much about what good 'writing' entailed, until I wrote a novel. I understood 'cut and paste' but not the intricate rearrangement of chapters and chapters of thought!

Mr. Gillis went on to say that when he taught a university creative writing class that his class assignment was to write a single story.  The class would then use the entire semester to do rewrite after rewrite!  His article inspired me in my own rewriting process not only in page by page editing, but chapter by chapter finishing.

I have been living with my novel for quite some time now, on and off since 2010 when the premise caught my attention.  It sometimes feels like I will be a 'one novel' author!  I am at the point I want to get loose from this first novel and start on my second, but . . . details need to match, the story needs to flow, yet have intrigue. I am still hoping that all this process will lead, at some point, to the conviction that the work is indeed finished. What a day that will be!

In the meantime, can you take my survey in the right sidebar? It will relieve my mind of one detail, at least for a while.  I want your opinion of a possible title to my work.  I would appreciate your input!

Please . . .
Vote Now! 

P.S. Thanks to all who voted, my novel has a title!  


  1. I voted!
    The rewriting process sounds demanding...

  2. Yes, the rewriting is precisely what kept me from ever pursuing any sort of writing.
    I have issues with that type of creative patience. I have countless paintings that need reworked, but I always prefer to give a new muse my gaze.
    I greatly admire those with the ability to see it through.
    I voted, and best of luck in your endeavor!

  3. Voted!
    When I was younger (what a strange thing for someone my age to say!) and wrote creatively more often, I saw editing as somehow wrong. Then I went to a summer long school for creative writing and the teachers made us edit, edit, edit and it really changed my perspective.

  4. I can't imagine how much of an undertaking this whole process is. I'm sure you felt partially done when the first draft was finished, but I'm sure there is always more editing to do! Best of luck :) I voted too!

  5. The process sounds infuriating.. but it'll all be so worth it in the end. Best of Luck!

  6. This is exciting! It will be wonderful when you see all your hard work in print!

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