Sabbatical Adventures begin . . .

Sabbatical Adventures begin . . .

Monday, January 23, 2017

"Senior" thought

My challenge for you today:  How do we love our seniors?

My mom still lives at home at 88, albeit with my younger brother and family moving in with her this past year--at her request.  She still travels, thus this fun picture of my hubby with her, last Summer. 

My first novel, Unfinished Legacy, was written from the viewpoint of an older woman contemplating her legacy, in the midst of her daughter's disapproval of her activities.  I know that families have their difficulties. Hopefully they can find a way to love each other, anyway.  So it struck me as odd, when a friend said something that made me think:  "It's sad how our society warehouses our seniors."

My mom, some of my girlie grands and me!

I thought about that word-- warehouse-- in regard to beloved seniors.  It was an especially poignant thought since, about 10 years back, I worked as a co-manager of a large retirement complex.  To be honest, I did see many seniors who rarely received a visit from family.  They were seemingly left in our charge to 'entertain', feed and care for, although it was an independent living apartment building, not a care facility.  It was a tough job, loving our seniors but seeing so many end-of-life stories that fit into the "warehouse" scenario.  Is that what we do with our parents?  Do we stick them in a slot and forget them?

Just thought it was worth contemplating today.


  1. My grandmother's neighbors are always commenting to her on how many visits from family she receives and that they wish they had more family stopping by. After a fall a few months ago, she had to spend a little time in a nursing home and she was so miserable there. They didn't even have phones available for patient use! I'm glad my dad was always adamant about visiting his parents frequently - you're absolutely correct that too many seniors are 'warehoused' and essentially forgotten about.

    1. So glad, Natasha, to hear about another family who is careful to care and visit. Hopefully more families, like yours, will do a better job.

  2. You obviously have a loving and wonderful family <3

  3. It's good to know your mom is cared for.

  4. How thought provoking is your post. It is very sad how are seniors are warehoused.....or put away on a shelf. So wonderful that your mother is still doing well and is loved and cared for!

  5. yes, sad but true for so many.
    My neighbors built onto their house so they could move her parents in. Another neighbor's mother moves around from child to child which everyone loves.