Sabbatical Adventures begin . . .

Sabbatical Adventures begin . . .

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Relative and Friend Authors! Yay!

WOW! Got some good news today:  my niece and a friend both are getting their novels published!  Yay!  The friend has been writing steadily for nine years, has had some short stories published.  Her agent called:  "Are you sitting down?"   She was informed that two of her novels were sold, with a promise of the third in the series to be picked up when it is finished!  I am so happy for her! Here's the link, although the book won't be available for a while:

WOW  #2  Then I went to a family function and my daughter said to me, "Mom, did you know that cousin Lois has just announced that her first fiction novel was just picked up to be published in January 2016?"  No, I didn't know that!! Yay again!!  My niece has been writing non-fiction educational books for young readers for some time now.  I didn't know that either! Again so happy for her! It's available on Amazon for pre-order.  Paper Wishes by Lois Sepahban for ages 9-12.

WOW #3  But you wanna know what the best news is, (for me that is) I just finished my first draft of my first novel!!  Yay! and Double Yay!!!   I have no promise of being published yet but I am working on it. I am so happy for me, and I am still hoping!!!!  This is fun! (Love being happy and saying Yay!)

Friday, March 13, 2015

The Writing Room Floor

Re-Writes!  Lots of paper on the floor around my desk!  Just part of the process . . . . I like a clean hard copy while I am working.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Another walk, More Inspiration

Another walk in the last days of February, late winter.  I was interrupted from my *diligent exercise* (Ha!) by the sight of several harbingers of Spring--at first, hard to see in the thicket:

hiding behind a twig?