Sabbatical Adventures begin . . .

Sabbatical Adventures begin . . .

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Rain . . . the rainy season . . . .

The rainy season is here, and I am still having mixed emotions about my winter purpose much like this photograph of rain drops on my windshield.

I want to write, I need to write.  I have two book projects in the works, but several creative projects are hanging on, almost screaming at me to be finished.  Then there are special projects for clients that need to be completed.   And I am at a place in my life where I am dealing with changing health issues and need to be diligent with exercise and eating habits, so they scream for attention.  Ever been there?

I bet you have.  It will take some introspection and some priority to sort it out.  Introspection, to sort thru all the fuzziness, and decision to chose my priority.  Priority cannot be chosen if the mind is befuddled, cluttered and fuzzy!  So it is time to wipe away the fuzzies and proceed . . . .

Proceed to clarity of purpose . . . . and a clear view.

It's a matter of focus . . . . and precision.

How's your focus?

Thursday, January 14, 2016

The 'Seasonal Rhythms' of Life

Whew!  The autumn and holiday season of 2015 surely did me in!  I was busy like a whirlwind and the subsequent aftermath of chaos took time to recover from!  I am finally beginning to feel like my own relaxed self again, getting back to my regular rhythm of tasks! When I looked at the last entry date in this blog, all I could say was "WOW!  It's time to write again!"  So here are a few words to begin . . . .

When I was young, embroidered tea towels taught the discipline of daily and seasonal tasks.  Embroidered scenes told me Monday was for washing clothes, Tuesday was for ironing, Wednesday for mending etc. Or, they depicted seasonal tasks like Spring cleaning, Summer vacationing, Fall for back to school and getting ready for holidays. Generally we still participate in some of these actions, but my retired lifestyle's seasonal rhythms are a bit different. I have no one in school, and I am free to go on a vacation whenever I like.

The reason for my Autumn exhaustion and 'no blogging' this past Fall was the seasonal rhythm of my business craft show season, (not to mention a busy personal life with the holidays).  The coming Winter season is my time to change gears from arts and crafts--working with my hands--to returning to some serious writing.  I am working on a revision of my first novel and hope to finish by Spring.  In late March, although I will be still write, I will take a vacation and begin spending my time to be outdoors, taking walks and engaging in photography again.

I love Spring--it invigorates my creative juices like an Artesian well spring--as the earth blossoms, so hopefully does my creativity!

Well, I won't go on, you get the idea. I try to write a bit everyday, as a discipline, and this is my start for this season!  What does your seasonal rhythm look like?  What do you do to make the transition from one season to the next?  Hope this Winter season will be a great season for you, regardless of the weather!