Sabbatical Adventures begin . . .

Sabbatical Adventures begin . . .

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Late 'Lenten Season'

Day One: Purpose of 40 days and nights

Writer's block has to end!  I have written a little bit on my second novel, since my last blog post back on February 1st!  (Not ready to share about that yet).  Now, in an effort to really end my block, I am setting aside a block of time (literally) just for listening to the spirit of inspiration and doing some writing for the next 40 days- sort of like a season of Lent.  I know, the Lenten season and Easter is over!  "It's late April, of goodness sakes! You missed it! You're really missing it, since Lent is a season of fasting not inspiration!" says the religious person.

But I am a spiritual person.  Yes, the Lenten season, religiously, has been a season of penitence and fasting to remember the suffering of Christ. But I said my 40 days was going to be "sort of like" the Lenten season. Not all 40 day seasons are for subtraction; some, in the Bible were for proving and adding. Christ spent 40 days in the wilderness to be tested.  I need to be tested to see if I can write consistently everyday for 40 days!  I'm proving myself!  [2 Tim 2:15]

Also, Elijah spent 40 days and nights in the wilderness resting!  He was exhausted from his confrontations with the King, Queen and the people of Israel.  He spent 40 days and nights on vacation (traveling to mountain of God--Mt. Horeb) and resting from his usual life.  I will be resting and 'vacationing' from my usual routine that keeps me so busy that I don't write!  [Isa 28:12, Mark 6:31]

This blog is about sabbatical events,  various sabbaticals that I take from my usual routine. (I seem to not be able to function without some "time outs"! :)  Besides, this is how this blog was started; it started when I took a sabbatical back in March of 2014.  So, come along with me on the newest of my Sabbatical ventures as I rest, vacation and get inspired to write! It may only be a few words of inspiration, to write about later, but I will write a post everyday--a diary of my 2016 Sabbatical.  Enjoy the journey with me!

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  1. I like the way you see life - from vacation to vacation. Those are the times when things really pop. When you slow down and listen..............