Sabbatical Adventures begin . . .

Sabbatical Adventures begin . . .

Friday, April 29, 2016


Day 10--

Thinking about my writing today . . . my book series on Legacy.   Legacy means:  anything handed down from an ancestor.   I know we don't often think of ourselves as anyone's ancestor, but the truth is, we will be an ancestor to someone, even if we have no kids.  We are probably someone's aunt, (or uncle) and so will be an ancestor.

Headstone in the Alden Cemetery - Caddo Co. Oklahoma

What will successive generations look back on? What do they want to see in their heritage?   Will they find you in their history and wonder who you were?  Everyone wants to be remembered, don't they?  And not be just a name on a tombstone?  Isn't that why (albeit, subconsciously) so many of us want to be famous?  We want to think that our lives matter for something, or to someone.

Legacy is the basic premise of my book series.  Series titles at this point, are Unknown Legacy: The Severed Branch, and Unfinished Legacy: Abby's Story.  Both books deal with what we want to leave behind.  One book, in progress, follows several generations to a current legacy being lived out, and the other, finished but not published, a personal legacy of the value of one life.  Hoping you will want to read both of them.

I am today, toying with the third title but it is not set in stone yet. (pardon the pun!)  Obviously, not started yet, just in the conception stage.

Well, better get back to it!  Unknown Legacy is calling for a finish!

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