Sabbatical Adventures begin . . .

Sabbatical Adventures begin . . .

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Others and Myself

Day Two:  Thoughts about people

I had a discussion with my brother about the nature of humans. I have thought on this subject and have taken it a bit further in discussion with others.  We are made up of intellect, emotion and will to form personality.

These three should be balanced to make a well rounded, functioning personality.

Some people are not balanced.  There are jokes about those who have "a big head" thinking that they know everything.  And some of those, that are all about intellectualism, are not emotionally able to handle differing opinions than what they have learned with their intellect, trying always to reason their way out of a differing opinion.  Data is important to them, and data only.  BTW, IQ measures this mental capacity.

Some people have no emotional capacity.  (There is a whole study on emotional capacity called EQ.)  Some have been hurt so badly that they protect themselves and refuse to feel.  And might I say, some others have only an infantile capacity to have empathy for others. What they think funny, or even right is the only correct answer--others must feel like they do!  It makes no difference to them how others might feel; it  may seem to others that they are cruel.  I wonder if they have no capacity to put themselves in the shoes of another.

In regard to the will, some people are not able to make the yes or no decisions of the will that determine their future.  (Little known fact:  "If not 'yes' then it is automatically a 'no', or,  Failure to make a decision is a 'No' decision.  'Yes' takes action and is most times hard, where 'No' can stay in the status quo.)

Why am I bringing this up, because I am thinking about it.  Where am I in each part of my personality?  Do I spend an inordinate amount of time honing my intellect with education and ignore my emotional reactions to others?  Am I pleased with where I find myself?  Do I need to make a few changes? Exercise my will? Where am I headed?  For that matter,
Where are you headed?

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